Skarp Health Center Non-Governmental Organization

We strongly believe that
To build democratic country and develop civil society we need to make equal conditions for all the members of society.

There is no doubt that
Nobody can be sure he will not obtain disability or will never have a disabled family member. It is our duty towards society to address efforts to solve the problems of disabled people. We need to have equal opportunities for all in our country and this is the only way of creation of healthy society: society which will build our and our children’s future by owning the basic principles of democracy.

We do not ignore that
Both Government of the Republic of Armenia and Non-Governmental agencies initiate effective steps to meet the current challenges and solve the problems of disabled people in Armenia.

And we do believe that
The steps our organization takes are very effective. The goals and objectives included in the strategy of our organization will solve many problems of disabled people in our country. Our even small scale actions are a step forward towards protection of disabled people's rights.