Skarp Health Centre NGO was established in 1999 by Ashot Mkrtchyan who 15 years ago was involved in a car accident and became mobility disabled. Being surrounded with disabled youth in the hospital he realized that there was nobody to help them to psychologically overcome problems and to feel equal members of the society. Thus the idea of establishing a center where persons with disabilities could meet and share their problems came. Skarp NGO has a mission to support the disabled youth of Armenia to become independent and treated as equal members of the Armenian society. Skarp is mainly providing healthcare facilities for the disabled youth through creating a unique gym specifically designed for the people with disabilities. Simultaneously the organization is trying to solve employment problems as well as social inclusion of disabled youth.

Today Skarp is a professional entity which implements various projects funded by international and national donors with one aim only – to make a better future for the disabled people in Armenia. It is now providing computer training courses for the disabled youth for them to become compatible in the labor market of Armenia and providing a post traumatic rehabilitation for them. At the same time it has basketball, arm wrestling, swimming, wheelchair long run and weightlifting teams that are participating in many national and international contests and wining the first places to the organization and the country itself.