Accessible future

We are working in the field of disability for more then 10 years. During our experience we always developed new ideas with our colleagues and tried to bring them into the life with one aim only to make a better future for the disabled people in Armenia. When we started promotion of disabled people inclusion in the society and were implementing innovations nobody could believe in Armenia. When we were talking that disabled people can study, work and perform equally with others, people usually say it is impossible. Actually, nothing is impossible and currently disabled people are actively involved in different civic actions.

Skarp won the first place at wheelchair sprint                International day of Olympics event,                                                                                                                       Skarp team, July 2007

Starting from 2006 Skarp is implementing the project accessible future which has an aim to ensure equal participation of disabled people in all spheres. Within the project our beneficiaries are participating in different sport and cultural events. Here is small example of our project results. We organized a wheelchair sprint on the event of international day of Olympics and currently it is in the annual agenda of Olympic Committee. We do believe that changes may happen. All we need to do is to believe