Disability Advocacy Coalition Development

Disability Advocacy Coalition is a partnership of Non Governmental organizations concerned with the issues of persons with disabilities and their families and related public policies. DAC has been established on 22nd December 2006 and currently has 20 member organizations. The goal of DAC is to protect social, economic and cultural rights and dignity of people with disability and promote equal opportunities and conditions for persons with disabilities to live and actively participate with other in social life through the development, implementation and monitoring of relevant policies and strategies with active involvement of persons with disabilities and their families.

Disability Advocacy Coalition, meeting                          Disability Advocacy Coalition, meeting       with international experts, January 2008                                       with Gustavo Payan from                                                                                                       Educational Development Center. March, 2009

In November 2008 Skarp took over the role of secretariat of Disability Advocacy Coalition of Armenia and started the implementation of coalition development project. The project has been implemented within the framework of Disabilities and Vulnerable Groups component of the USAID-funded Social Legacy Program. The project has an objective to raise awareness about disability in Armenia in order to increase knowledge about disability, reduce stigma and discrimination against the disabled, and decrease the frequency with which disabled people are institutionalized. Within this project Skarp established productive cooperation in regional level with Coalition for Independent living of Georgia, initiated coalition development activities as well as implemented cross-cutting actions in the regions of Armenia. During the project Skarp provided small grants to regional Disabled Persons’ Organization with an aim to raise awareness towards disability issues in the regions of Armenia. The small grants are also aimed on capacity building of regional DPOs

Disability Advocacy Coalition meeting,Nov 2009      Disability Advocacy Coalition meeting with                                                                                                                         Bruce Curtis from                                                                                                                                     World Institute on Disability