Independent life: from present to future opportunities

From left to right: Mr. Narek Harutiunyan – Founder of Naregatsi Art Institute, Mr. Ashot Mkrtchyan – President of Skarp NGO, Mr. Raul de Luzenberger Head of the Delegation of European Commission to Armenia. Project launch, March 2008

At the beginning of 2008 Skarp health Centre launched the project “Independent life: from present to future opportunities”.The project was funded by European Commission Delegation to Armenia and implemented in partnership with Naregatsi Art Institute. The overall goal of the project was to create equal opportunities for people with mobility disabilities to fully integrate in the life of the society.

80 mobility disabled youth have been involved in the project. Within the project they participated in computer training courses and gained a qualitative knowledge. In parallel with training courses Skarp implemented physical and social psychological rehabilitation. The rehabilitation was implemented in the premises of Skarp NGO which is fully designed in accordance with mobility disabled people needs. Currently many of these project participants are actively involved in different civic initiatives, working in the leading business companies of Armenia and built their own independent life themselves.

Ramps construction

Skarp NGO is constructing ramps in the central parks of Yerevan

In 2009 Skarp initiated construction of ramps in the central parks of Yerevan. More than 50 ramps have been constructed. This action has an aim to show people and authorities that the construction of ramps is not concerned with big financial resources. Instead, only commitment and willingness are essential. This was a quite effective advocacy action. After this action many of businessmen those owned restaurants and cafes in the parks started insuring accessible conditions for disabled people in their private facilities and buildings.