Step forward

Skarp NGO meetings with community authorities

Community-based approach is one of the basic principles of projects implemented by Skarp. Starting from 2008 Skarp NGO effectively implemented projects aimed at lobbying the Local Authorities to ensure an accessible infrastructure for the disabled people in the communities of Yerevan (Ajapnyak and Arabkir). The key concept of the projects was to ensure the implementation of the Law on Urbanization in terms of ensuring accessible infrastructure in residential, public and production buildings and structures accesses for the People with Disabilities however through using a bottom to top approach, i.e. instead of addressing the issue from the Ministry of Urbanization Skarp started to work with the local Municipalities to recognize the inaccessibility as a community issue. As a result the 2 community municipalities of Yerevan reviewed their annual budgets and allocated funds to build ramps in public places in the community.

This is just an example of an accessible courtyard with small parks and shops in Ajapnyak community of Yerevan. Just an example that accessible environment is very convenient for everybody and building of this environment is too easy.
In 2009 Skarp initiated construction of ramps in the central parks of Yerevan. More than 50 ramps have been constructed. This action has an aim to show people and authorities that the construction of ramps is not concerned with big financial resources. Instead, only commitment and willingness are essential. This was a quite effective advocacy action. After this action many of businessmen those owned restaurants and cafes in the parks started insuring accessible conditions for disabled people in their private facilities and buildings.